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REFINANCING STILL DRIVING MORTGAGE APPLICATIONS | 01/27/2016 | Refinancing continued to buoy up mortgage application volume during the week ended January 22 as interest rates fell back to levels last seen in the mid-fall of 2015.  Purchase mortgage applic... MORE
2016 HOLDS A MIXED OUTLOOK FOR RESTAURANT OPERATORS | 01/26/2016 | As 2016 begins, the restaurant industry seems perpetually stuck in neutral. Despite a host of tailwinds, like low gas prices, nearly full employment and low inflation, restaurant prognosticators... MORE
THE TRUE COST OF POOR WORKER HEALTH IS A C-SUITE ISSUE | 01/26/2016 | Does your employer want to grow top-line revenue? It seems like a dumb question; what employer doesn’t want to make more money? And yet, says Ron Loeppke, MD, MPH, many employers essentially ... MORE
ALCOHOL AND CASINOS - DRAM SHOP AND LIABILITY CLAIMS | 01/21/2016 | Almost every casino in North America serves alcohol in one form or another to customers. Alcohol is an integral part of the gaming environment. It has social and economic impacts on gaming. Even... MORE
DEALING WITH DATA SECURITY ON CLOUD | 01/21/2016 | New Delhi, Jan 21 -- Adoption of data security services on cloud has been gaining relevance at a rapid pace. IT professionals across have accepted its use as a part of their enterprise data securit... MORE