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SHARP DECELERATION IN EMPLOYMENT COSTS GIVES FED A REASON TO DELAY RATE HIKE | 07/31/2015 | One of the most closely watched measures of labor costs decelerated sharply in the second quarter, suggesting the Federal Reserve can be patient and allow the labor market more time to heal before ... MORE
THE AMOUNT OF ETF SHARES BEING TRADED HAS ECLIPSED U.S. GDP | 07/30/2015 | Everyone is talking about how exchange-traded funds have now overtaken hedge funds in terms of total assets. That's small change compared with how much ETFs trade nowaday... MORE
HACKERS TRICK EMAIL SYSTEMS INTO WIRING THEM LARGE SUMS | 07/30/2015 | Cybercriminals are exploiting publicly available information and weaknesses in corporate email systems to trick small businesses into transferring large sums of money into fraudulent bank accounts,... MORE
SURGE IN NEW OFFICE SUPPLY RESHAPING DOWNTOWN SKYLINES | 07/29/2015 | Rising demand from top corporate tenants for a shrinking supply of high-quality office space is fueling another wave of skyline-altering office development in U.S. CBDs and inner-ring suburbs. F... MORE
CONDOS LEFT BEHIND IN HOUSING REBOUND | 07/29/2015 | California developer Intracorp Cos. built thousands of condominiums from 2002 to 2008. Since then, it has built none, opting for rental apartments and single-family homes even though they can be le... MORE