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U.S. MANUFACTURING GROWING DESPITE DECLINING SHARE OF OVERALL ECONOMY | 07/29/2015 | Although the manufacturing sector's contribution to the U.S. economy declined over the previous decade, a new report suggests that the expanding service industry — rather than the demise ... MORE
GAMING CONTROL MAY LOOK AT FANTASY SPORTS | 07/28/2015 | We can put our money on the likelihood the Gaming Control Board will have a lot to say about the very active world of fantasy sports betting during coming months. So much has happened to fantasy... MORE
MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES CONTINUE TO SPREAD | 07/28/2015 | More states and municipalities this month joined the wave of governments mandating higher minimum wages for hourly workers, and the efforts are likely to continue. New York’s Fast Food Wag... MORE
REBRANDED HOTELS REJUVENATE THEIR PROFITS | 07/28/2015 | Checking in on whether the brand names of hotels matter, business researchers find that occupancy rates after rebranding – properties that change from one franchise to another ... MORE
RENT-TO-OWN HOMES MAKE A COMEBACK | 07/28/2015 | Wall Street firms have found a new way to profit from consumers with blemished credit who can’t qualify for a mortgage: let them rent a home first with the option to buy it later. Rent-to-... MORE