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Commercial - Broadening Coverage - Real Estate


A private equity firm partnered with a real estate investment firm to purchase a vacant hotel which required property and general liability coverage on their investment.  After attempting to place coverage for several weeks on their own, the private equity firm requested JMBI’s expertise, the call coming in late on a Sunday evening requesting quick assistance.


Armed with our extensive experience in real estate, we were able to discern the unique details in the purchase and document the property details in order to understand the need and find the right coverage.


Working within a short time frame, we called upon our long-standing relationships in the insurance marketplace to provide solutions to meet the special needs of our client and secured competitive and comprehensive quotes.


Within a day, we had a proposal in the hands of the client securing significantly broadened coverage compared to what they had been offered elsewhere for considerably less premium.  The savings helped both firms maximize their investment potential.  The private equity partner was pleased that we performed in the way he promised the real estate firm we would.  The real estate firm subsequently referred over several other opportunities where we have successfully delivered.

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