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Updating an Organization's Succession Plan


A growing, successful real estate organization had outgrown its existing business succession plan. Their fast pace had resulted in an imbalance of risk for some of their principals. Made up of multiple entities, the organization has principals with varying ownership interests in each entity. It was prudent for the organization to update their succession plan as the death of a principal and corresponding buy-out of their ownership interests could result in liquidity problems for one or all of the entities.


Since there can be a significant impact to a business’ ownership structure, operations, liquidity, revenue and profits following an untimely change in leadership, companies need to proactively evaluate their business succession planning and it’s funding; particularly following significant business expansion, acquisitions, divestitures or changes in ownership interests. We saw the need to develop a flexible, criteria-based program to supply critical protection across the ownership structure.


We designed a program which matched the coverage amounts to the principal’s ownership interests in each entity and provided additional key-person coverage to mitigate the negative, operational impact of an untimely death. To meet the need for flexibility, two carriers with different pricing strengths were utilized due to the variation in policy death benefits and guaranteed coverage durations.


The updated business succession program is now fully funded with life insurance policies ensuring the buyout of the varying ownership interests along with a measure of key person protection for each entity. The cost-effective program provides guaranteed coverage for each principal past the normal retirement age reducing the need for future medical underwriting.

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